Puppies Common Questions
About Puppies

At forty-nine days, a puppy's brain is fully formed and receptive to learning new skills. Like a sponge, a seven-week-old puppy absorbs everything you teach him the same way children do. He is responsive and reactive to all exposures. It is also during the first seven weeks that a puppy learns how to be a dog. He learns about rank and bite inhibition and starts on the eternal road of socialization. This is the best time to start training and communication with humans.

If the puppy will not be left alone for more than three hours at a time, it is best to get a puppy that is about seven weeks old. He should not be separated from his mother or littermates prior to this. By seven weeks, the puppy has learned social skills from the other dogs but is still young enough to not be "damaged goods," not having acquired bad habits yet. He is still at an age when you can shape and mold him into a healthy, balanced dog.

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