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When to train

Many people still hold the misconception that training should not begin until a puppy is six months old. This is due to the fact that training used to be a very negative and often harsh process. When using kind and gentle positive-reinforcement methods, it is never too early to start training your puppy.

While obedience training can be accomplished at any time during a dog's life, it is easier, faster, and more fun to train a puppy. At 7 weeks, a puppy's brain waves are the same as an adult dog's. His/her capacity for learning will never be greater. Puppies can join the class as early as 10 weeks old, providing their vaccinations are current.

Modern scientific studies state that in order for puppies to develop into calm, confident, well-rounded adult dogs, it is essential for them to receive proper socialization and obedience training between the second and fourth month of development. By implementing early training, potential behavioral problems may be prevented before they become ingrained behavior patterns; using prevention rather than correction.

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