Shelby Marlo's New Art of Dog Training
Balancing Love and Discipline

Featured on Oprah

Winner of "Best Training and Behavior Book of 2000" from the Dog Writer's Association of America

There is an incredible movement happening in the dog world. A kindness revolution. The old-style way of training is finally being put to rest and the new is struggling to emerge. The pendulum has swung from using only negative reinforcement to using just positive. I have studied both training styles and it is clear that most aspects of the new school are far superior. I can help you learn how to better communicate with your dog and bring a balance of love and discipline to training.
-Shelby Marlo

The perfect primer for every dog owner, Shelby Marlo's New Art of Dog Training is an invaluable resource.

"Not many books on training today do quite as good a job as this one does in communicating the importance of positive reinforcement and humane training techniques. Offers a balanced approach to viewing canine behavior and suggestions on building a lifelong leader-follower relationship."

- ASPCA Animal Watch

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