Shelby Marlo (CPDT)

Certified pet dog trainer and animal behavior specialist Shelby Marlo's extremely effective style, applied with love and respect, has made her the one to call for puppy training, behavioral problems of older dogs, and everything in between.

Shelby's client list includes all kinds of dog owners—families, single people, professionals and even top celebrities like Halle Berry, Laura Dern, Jennifer Grey, Brooke Shields, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, David Hyde-Pierce, Eriq LaSalle, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Barbra Streisand.

Shelby has also been a guest expert on many television programs and networks, including Oprah, E!, A&E, and MSNBC. Her book New Art of Dog Training was the winner of "Best Training and Behavior Book of 2000" by the Dog Writer's Association of America.


Shelby lives in Los Angeles with two cats Betty & Bob and Fannie & Ava Smooth Collies.

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Mexico City Canine Natural History Exploration:

With Dr. Ray Coppinger: Mon., Feb. 16 to Fri. Feb. 20.

A five day work and learning experince-- morning classes with Dr. Coppinger followed by your participation in his scientific exploration of “neighborhood dogs” in Mexico City: Dr. Coppinger has shown that the ways these dogs have evolved and adapted, partly independent and only loosely attached to people, provide important clues about dog behavior, critically important for all dog professionals. You’ll track the dogs’ behaviors and their responses to human encounters and environmental conditions

Limited to 10 to 12 dog professionals. Each morning’s tutorial will focus on the preceding day’s findings and research objectives for the upcoming exploration. Each afternoon the group goes on-site investigating and observing the “neighborhood dogs”. This is an up front and personal exposure to the natural history of the dog, and the scientific methodogy of that field. Our hotel, the recently renovated Quality Inn Mexico Roma, is surrounded by restaurants, museums and a huge arts and crafts market.


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How to Become a registered Pet Partners Team

There are just four easy steps:

Pre-Requisites for becoming a registered Pet Partners team
Step 1: Train the 'Human-End' of the Leash by attending a Pet Partners Team Training Course
Step 2: Have the Health of Your Animal Partner Screened by a Veterinarian
Step 3: Have Your Human-Animal team's Skills & Aptitude Evaluated
Step 4: Submit Your Registration Application


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